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The heart is the deepest interior part of our lives. The journey into the heart takes the form of a dance where the invisible eternal becomes visible in the present moment. Each of us is the dancer in this timeless unveiling ceremony.

The transformational journey follows the rhythmic movement from brokenness into wholeness. Written in a unique simple form of pleasurable prose, the Liturgy of the heart moves lightly and quickly through the three acts of the Great Forgetting, the Great Remembering and the Great Blessing.

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Who Do You Work With?

PD-homeportrait-DougRossDouglas Ross is equally comfortable on the shop floor or in the board room.

He is the co-author of “THE GIFT: DISCRETIONARY EFFORT”, and is the Director of Coaching for Integrity Buddies.

Doug serves an adviser to the proposed TEDx New York Metro “AS*IF”.

He is a certified by Performance Triads™ and is an Extraordinary Mentor ™.

Doug is the Founder of “Success through Integrity” on Linked In and writes a blog called “Results through Integrity”.

He has a superior record of organizational transformation, executive coaching, team effectiveness, leadership development, performance management, lean systems implementation, and workforce development.

Here is a sample of what his clients are saying:

  • Extraordinary coach and mentor!
  • I recommend Doug to anyone who is lucky enough to get some of his time!
  • The ROI on the investment is the biggest pay back for anything I have done.
  • Absolutely brilliant!
  • His perpetual passion for achieving results through integrity is inspirational.
  • An amazing professional!
  • To be in Doug’s council is to be in a position of professional and personal growth.

Coaching programs are offered through an application process.

Call Doug at 706-945-2131, or; email him at principledynamics@gmail.com to apply.

Principle Dynamics also offers integrity team building and organizational leadership programs

“The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King