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Work is the effort directed to accomplish something. Ability is the power to direct our physically, mentally, legally, morally, financially, energy into work. Workability then is the state or condition that determines the available opportunity for performance (the “opportunity set”). In other words we know what we need to work to accomplish, and we know how much power and resources we have to put into the work. The greater the workability the better the opportunity for success.


David Christian narrates a complete history of the universe, from the Big Bang to the Internet, in a riveting 18 minutes.

This is "Big History": an enlightening, wide-angle look at complexity, life and humanity, set against our slim share of the cosmic timeline.

1. What is the second law of thermodynamics?

2. What are thresholds? 

3. What are the goldilocks conditions?

4. What is your perspective on human history?

5. What is workability?



– History is where we have been.

– The present is where we live.

– The future is where we are going.

Our history shows where we have been, what we are working on and where we are going .The present we live in then is really the aggregate of past events and the hopes and dreams of tomorrow.

When a child is born, that child is born into a hospital within a community that is the current manifestation of centuries of lessons learned and best practices. The doctor who was trained and certified at a medical school to a community standard delivers the child in a delivery room full of technology that designed to optimize the likelihood of life for each child born. Someone bought and paid for all the supplies and someone sanitized the room.  We live because of others.

You can view history either dynamically or statically. In general, dynamic means the energetic direction while static means stationary or fixed. It is like seeing a plane in the sky or on the ground. When it is flying high over your head, you see where it is going. When it is stopped at the airport, you see it as it is.

We want to look at Big History as dynamic process where you can see where we have been and where we are going.

Our History Is Our Perspective

Our perspective on what we are working on is determined by our point of view. It is our ability to see something from our unique particular place. Each one of us sees things differently. To understand another’s perspective we must first understand what constitutes a perspective.

Each perspective makes assumptions about the world you see. Each one of us attempts to integrate various kinds of information we see about the world. This integration gives us meaning about what we see and experience.

In addition, each perspective focuses on different aspects of the world and each perspective has consequences. No one of us knows the whole but by adding each part of what we know together, we can get a better understanding of what we need to do individually and collectively.

The perspective we are looking to develop is the one that works for all. It is not one right one but rather the development of the best perspective which combines many perspectives.

The Big History

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