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"An unknown heart mirrors an obscure life"

Douglas Ross

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The Into the Heart coaching program will  transform your heart by teaching you how to see differently.

It is offered either on a one to one basis or as part of mastermind group of three or more. 



INTO THE HEART is an extraordinary process designed to transform your heart by changing the way you see your world. It is not for everyone. Into the heart holds that the human body, regardless of age, sexuality, and vocation is capable of making visible which is invisible.

People hunger for true happiness.  In a world gone mad over technology, speed and instant gratification, this relentless urge turns futile as people increasingly search for happiness in all the wrong places.  

Into the heart addresses the primary questions of “what does it mean to be human?” and “How do I live my life in a way that brings true happiness?”

It is not only informational but transformational 

The audience for this course are those who are seeking happiness which is the fulfillment and wholeness of body, mind, and spirit. These people believe in and apply human dignity at work, at home or at play. Of most importance is practice of aligning intentions, actions and results  


Purpose :To engage people in the transformational work of transforming the heart emphasizing that the human body, regardless of age, sexuality, and vocation is capable of making visible which is invisible.

Method: One on one coaching; Weekly mastermind calls (a group of three or four) or seminars

Objective: To create an experiential based process that assists people to transform their hearts by seeing the world differently

Session Topics

The language of the body

What is the heart?

The great forgetting! Original happiness

The call of the heart! Desire and anxiety 

Know yourself, know your world, and know the way

Being present in the moment 

Every day and everydayness; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary  

The integrity of the heart! Aligning intentions, actions and outcomes

The trials of the heart. Suffering

Sample Discussion Structure for A Mastermind Session

 There will be a one hour weekly sessions. Participants will receive a summary sheet that explores the topic and a practical contemplation exercise that will help them unveil and uncover their hearts

Our Daily Work (15 minutes)

• Gratitude

• Inner and outer work

• Contemplation assignment  breakdowns and breakthroughs

Session Content (15 minutes)

• Round table comments Questions and Answers (15 minutes)

• Experiential based Assignment (10 minutes)

• Summary and wrap up (5 minutes)

"Don't you see I am alive?"

How can those who have chosen otherwise, see those who choose life?