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Doug Ross
Life Coach

Doug Ross

Author, Turnaround Specialist

Program Designer + Developer

Life Coach

Doug is passionate about life and having more of it. He loves every moment of life, no matter how it unfolds.

Originally from Canada, Doug now lives in Georgia and works out of New York. He has worked as a hockey player, a school teacher, a college professor, a human resources director, an organizational development consultant and most recently as a stay at home dad for two children under the age of seven.

Doug is co-founder of Working In Life, creator of the online story telling process called “Modern Day Hero” and author of “Stories of Integrity”. He is the founder of Success Through Integrity forum with over 300 members from across the world. He has co-authored a book called “The Gift: Discretionary Effort” which is expected to be released in April 2015.

Doug serves as a Measures Coach for IntegrityBuddies.com where he also volunteers as the director of coaching as well as a fully integrated member of the integrity community. He has lead organizations through a dialog of integrity both as a key note speaker and as weekly session’s leader.

He has worked with some of world’s foremost authorities on Integrity, trying to develop measures of integrity. Doug also writes two blogs “Results Through Integrity’ and “Get it”. He has taught “Into the heart” a course designed to transformation your heart.

As an Organizational Development Professional he developed extensive knowledge of cultural transformation and plant turn-around involving lean manufacturing operations and performance leadership in companies such as General Motors, Textron, Rockwell, and DuPont.

He was the senior adviser for two world record breaking product launches in a globally competitive industry. He has facilitated a successful 2000 person plant turn-around and has served as senior cultural change subject matter expert to a global multinational.

He has had extensive experience facilitating sector, industry and organizational consensus in the Construction, Oil and Gas, Food Processing, Health Care, Architectural, Financial, Entertainment, Fire Protection, Golf, and Forestry Industries.

He has developed over 30 National Occupational Standards for industry sector councils and six federal Apprenticeship Standards for the Canadian Governments.

He holds a Master's degree and has completed his doctorate course work in organizational development.