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We are pleased you have shown an interest and we are excited to share our thinking about the future with you.


Day 1: Resilience – How and Why We Will Survive

Day 2: Exponentials – Seeing Reality As It Is, Not As We Are

Day 3: Existential Risks and Extreme Opportunities -– Simplifying the Complexity

Day 4: SuperConvergence – How It All Comes Together

Day 5: Inequality – The Source of Suffering

Day 6: Big History – Our Momentum, Our Future

Day 7: Trim Tab Solutions – Simple Authentic Solutions to Complex Issues

Each day you will be sent to a link to a page on In that email you will be exposed to living in exponential times guidelines that will help you navigate the complexity of our time. Once you follow the link you will be able to experience the thinking of some of the world’s most profound experts and to contemplate and develop your own thinking and actions.


Living in Exponential Times is about you and the world we all live in. Every day we are inundated with expert opinions and speculation about troublesome forces that will impact you and your children’s future. It is worrisome.

Living in Exponential Times is about seeing the world as it is not as we are. There is no fear mongering; nor is there any Pollyanna approaches. The truth is that a multitude of global forces are impacting our world today and will continue to impact the world into the future. Our approach is to simplify these forces in order that you can understand so that you optimize your decision making process.

Living in Exponential Times is Different

It is our purpose to present to you clear concise information that presents the information in a way you can easily process WITH the express purpose of creating order out of the chaos. Order brings peace of mind and creates a framework for action.

Living in exponential times has put together videos of some of the most practical realistic experts in their field who speak with common sense and who lay out realistic and workable strategies and tactics.

We are confident that these strategies and tactics will emerge over time; however, what we are really excited about is a concept we call trim tab solutions. Adapted from the work of Buckminster Fuller, we have discovered that millions of people across the world have started changing their lives in small ways. These small changes are going to have large effects. Can you imagine if all seven billion people on the planet decided to do one random act of kindness each week? Or if all seven billion people decided to plant, nurture and harvest one plant each month.

Living in Exponential times is a free course about the nature of change and how we respond to change.

The course is a precursor to the soon to be announced TEDX event in Manhattan in the fall of 2015

In this short video from YouTuber JacksGap watch as a selection of people from around the world answer Jack's question "What Do You Love?

The current course runs from April 22nd to April 28th 2015

The next course will begin May 4th and run until May 10th 2015