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"The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function."
–Dr. Albert Bartlett


The Power Of Doubling:

Above is a 1980s-era TV spot with Heather Locklear


Pay attention. Be not afraid.

Think about these questions as you go through the first video

1. What is exponential growth?

2. What areas of exponential growth have implications for you?

3. What do you now need to pay attention to?


The second video is on "The Power of Compounding" and features a story from a paper by Dr. Albert Bartlett about a single drop of water in Boston's Fenway Park and the enormous power of doubling.

Think about these questions as you watch the video:

4. What is the power of compounding?

5. How have you now overcome a shortcoming in your life?

6What is the big lesson you now can apply to exponentials?

A "Crash Course" in Exponentials


We are not peddlers of fear. We ask you to be not afraid. Today we ask you to understand that every choice and every action you make is rooted in in love or fear or in the puddle of both. The problem is that you do things out of fear believing you will ease your suffering because temporarily you feel better.  In reality, it only increases suffering. Fear begets fear which begets suffering. Do you work because you fear what would happen if you didn’t work? Has that fear based decision made life better for you. Are you doing what you love or are you moving farther away from what you love?

Chris Martenson in the two short videos below covers in simple understand ways why you need to understand the exponential growth and the power of compounding. In these short talks Chris will demonstrate the "hockey stick" graph, the "turn the corner" stage (this will help a lot), the limits to growth, speeding up and finish with an incredible story about a drop of water in Fenway Park that will change your life.

Watch Chapters 3 + 4 of Chris Martenson's "Crash Course"

Chapter 3 "Exponential Growth"

Chapter 4: "The Power of Compounding"

For more videos from Chris Martenson visit The Crash Course on YouTube