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working in life




"Everyone starts life as an artist.
Daring to express a childlike spirit
is an act of courage in this world."

– Joseph Anderson Mondello

Artist • Synergist • Innovator • Futurist

I have a lifelong fascination with synergy – where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

I have long been told that I see and do things “differently” – which is odd to me as I just do what I do and see what to me is in plain sight. Accordingly, I’ve been called a lot of things: Renaissance man, childlike, dyslexic, forgetful, insightful, inventive, an idea synthesizer and most commonly a dreamer, but my best work has always been the work of a synergist – discerning, encouraging, being the conduit for unexpected connections that change people’s lives and create new stories through expanding worldviews.

My interests are eclectic and include film (as a film buff, filmmaker and editor), theatre, photography, technology, philosophy, futurism, music (as a player, writer, producer and recording engineer), idea generation, synergy, lateral thinking, spirituality and secularism.

I am honored to be co-founder of Working In Life with the brilliant Doug Ross.

Joseph was born in New York City and grew up on Long Island.

As an Artist, Joseph holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (double major in English plus Dramatic Literature, Theater History and Cinema) from New York University, a certificate in recording engineering from Recording Engineers Institute of New York, and has been privileged to study with such renowned artists as Larry Silk, Thom Powers, Joseph O. Holmes and Albert Maysles. Selections from Joseph's recent photography may be seen at www.radiant.center/jm

As an Innovator, Joseph was COO and President of Mondello Associates, a NYC graphic art and presentation company charged with mission critical work for Fortune 500 companies, NYC ad agencies, financial institutions, and all three of the major German carmakers. Mondello Associates was always on the cutting edge of NYC graphics houses employing new technologies including computer controlled cameras, computerized phototypesetting and computer generated slide production into a field once dominated by mechanical art.

As a Synergist, Joseph was Co-Founder of The Tamarand Foundation with Bruce Detrick. Tamarand brought innovative music, nature and arts programs to New York area AIDS-Care facilities from 1987 to 2006. Bruce and Joe won numerous awards (including Apple "Change The World" recognition) for their work which brought landscape architects, mural artists, poets, musicians, dancers, hospital administrators and physicians together in common cause to help alleviate the spiritual suffering of children and adults with HIV/AIDS.

As a Futurist, Joseph has applied for a license to curate and organize a 2015 TEDx event on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The TEDx event aims to foster synergy among artists and scientists to co-imagine the world of 2050.

Joseph lives in New York City on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

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