The Course of Integrity™

Do you want to tell your story?

Do you want to be the hero of your own life?

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Your experience right now, right here is the opportunity. There is nothing to read or study. The course is revolutionary. It asks you to focus on what is hidden in plain sight.

The purpose of the Course of Integrity is answer two questions for you. What does it mean to be me and how do I live my life in a way that brings true happiness?

Your commitment requires that you complete a simple task that tells your story using your personal communications device or whatever else media you choose.

“When I started working with Doug, I only brought an open mind, and a desire to learn something new! WOW!!!!! It has been an extremely positive experience. I find myself finally “doing” things that I had only previously thought about. Doug was an excellent guide through my Journey and I recommend him to anyone who is lucky enough to get some of his time! The ROI on the investment is the biggest pay back for anything I have done in memory!” – Corporate Lean Master, Texas

During this course you will experience:

  • The joy of telling your story
  • The stages of hero’s journey in your own life.
  • The skill of being present and having presence
  • How the invisible becomes the visible in your everydayness.
  • The practice of Moment to Moment integrity
  • The agony and ecstasy of being authentic.
  • The art of doing less and achieving more.

“I can only describe the experience as deeply insightful and illuminating as the process took me out of my standard way of thinking about me and my life into a whole new realm where I discovered and explored parts of me that I had never experienced before.” – Counselor, Atlanta

These are the rules

  • Be you: Accept yourself. In spite flaws, you want to make the world better.
  • Tell the truth: Report the news, don’t make the news. It is what it is.
  • Be Creative: Tell your story in your way with your media. It is all about you.
  • Be Authentic: Be unique, be real, and be clear. Connect with people by being yourself.

“The externalizing and internalizing is unique. It enables a true transformation” – Trainer, Toronto

Every day and Everydayness: The content is the ordinary events of every day lived experience. The process starts where you are; not where you think you should be or want to be. It develops by paying attention and developing presence in the here and now.

“Thought provoking! A fresh new perspective! It put me on the right path” – Project Manager, Ottawa

Mindfulness means being present in the moment. Being increasingly present to our everyday life is the least understood but most beneficial outcome of achieving peace and happiness. Recent research concludes that people are out of the moment at least 47% of the time and that the more time spent in the moment correlates with the degree of happiness.

“It allowed me to re-capture my spirit of adventure. Very interesting and enjoyable! Being present in the moment is a tremendous management skill.”~ Engineer, France

You tell stories. You have a story to tell. This is your opportunity.

For example, my seven year son once told me he wanted to stay seven forever. When asked why he didn’t want to grow up, he replied “take a good look at grownups, why would anyone want to grow up?” Can you imagine what he was seeing? What would you see if you were asked to observe adults and tell stories about what it means to be grown up?

The program is outstanding. It is easy to follow and even better than that; it’s fun! I highly recommend it” – Norwegian Naval Officer

The process is simple.

There are 14 sessions. The time you take is up to you. You can do each session in one day or take more time if you need it. Each session consists of a simple action step. You clarify your story with a coach who assists you how to put together your story whether it be written journal, a video, a podcast, pictures, or a combination.

“The course was enjoyable. It brought me to a very simple singular state, without the clutter, without emotions and without deadlines. The course changed the way I saw my life unfolding. It clarified and enhanced my role and deepened my resolve.” Marketing Executive, Canada

The process uses your experience and the events of your life as the content. There is nothing to read or study. The course is refreshing. It asks you to focus on what is hidden in plain sight.

“I am grateful for this course. It has helped me immensely to manage my life in critical moments. It provided tools for critical thinking, serenity to nature and above all taught me to enjoy every moment as it presents itself. Doug is a great mentor and coach.” Small Business owner, Nigeria

The scientific foundation is reliable and valid.

  • New experiences create new learning which drives new behaviors
  • You change through practice. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s capability to change itself.
  • Overcome limitations by following the consciously competent framework.
  • Reconnect with original experiences of success and well being.

“At last, the missing element in Deming’s theory of profound knowledge” Lean champion, Norway

In addition you will differentiate between the world and reality. You practice being authentic and discuss resiliency as a dynamic process. You will understand the conditions of flow that create optimal human experiences. Finally you will learn about synergy and synchronicity.

“This program was the most important thing I have done for myself, my family and company. I highly recommend that you partner with Doug and take this course. You will get back so much for the investment of a few weeks and you will reap the rewards for the rest of your life, as I have.” Small Business owner, Canada

Sessions outlines.

Take as long as you choose which each session but it is recommended you take no more than 3 days

  • Play
  • Practice
  • Being Present
  • Everydayness
  • The Image in the Mirror
  • The Invisible becomes Visible
  • The Call to Adventure
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Doing the right thing
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Deal with disturbances
  • Creating Synergy
  • Being Authentic
  • The Principle Dynamic

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